Renovation video #1. The kitchen. Slow going…

See video here:

I am obsessive compulsive regarding my kitchen and my bathroom.  Isn’t everyone? These are the two spaces where I get most intimate with my living space, like most people do.  These are the two spaces in my mind, where there is the greatest opportunity for encountering germs and potential illness–if these two spaces are not as sanitary as possible, I feel vulnerable.

My renovation plan is to go room by room–fully completing one room before starting the next. Start in the kitchen: completely renovate it to my expectations. Move into the living room. So on and so forth.

Well, I started with the kitchen three weeks ago and I am still in the kitchen.  This kitchen was filthy with brown, nicotened walls, a yellowish-orange ceiling, and the original linoleum stained with decades of yuck and unidentifiable stuff hiding under the floor cabinets. As this is the place where I will nurish my body, the herendous state of this kitchen cannot be overstated. I must comb over every inch of this kitchen–ceiling, walls, cabinets, floor, every nook and cranny–cleaning, painting, installing fresh components, and making anew every surface that is a probable germ factory just waiting to destroy me.

What can I say?  This old kitchen is just gross–it is taking longer than I expected to make it new again.  I hope the living room is easier.  I need a break.

I hope this video is at least helpful and not too boring.  Happy remodeling, all. 🙂

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