As an aside…tiny camper, tiny camper, tiny camper…


Something has happened to me in the process of renovating this 40 year old camper—I have acquired some new skills. Woot!

I have always wanted to get into woodworking—to get into any kind of building medium, for that matter. And now, I’m really diggin’ it! For the past three months, I find myself revamping this old camper and learning so much that I never knew before.

In the beginning of this process, my intentions were simply to establish a transitional tiny home for myself from this old camper and to dramatically reduce my living expenses. However, an unintended result has occurred—I have learned how to build a camper from the ground up. I guess when you de-construct something and then put it back together, the design process becomes pretty obvious. Turns out, campers are rather simple. My mind craves more…

Another thing…funny thing happened when I bought this old girl—my first camper—I got hooked and now I want another one. I figure—this old camper has been around for forty years and is still going strong—why not borrow the design and go ahead and create a smaller version of it—while I am on fire and am feeling very creative!

I will need to buy some more tools.


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