Fall update on the camper renovation…

Latest video update here:


Almost three months into this restoration—I thought I was done with the demolition. Not quite. After removing the refrigerator, the stove, the bathroom, the ceiling, all upper cabinets, most of the built-ins, and all the rotten framing in the front left corner, I decided to go ahead and remove the old propane furnace. I feel safer knowing that there are zero propane appliances that can pose a risk to my dog and cat when I am not home. So, boom! I ripped out the propane heater and by the way, the pile of dirt that was trapped underneath that sixty-five pound heater—pretty disgusting. Good riddance. I am looking at an electric fireplace heater to replace it.

At this point (thanks in part to taking a very short vacation), I have been able to install a new sub-floor with insulation. I also built a second interior frame along all four walls (to be lined with foam board insulation). The walls are ready for new electrical outlets, new switches, new light fixtures, thicker insulation, and new plywood for a fresh start. My brother is re-vamping the electric to be sure it is safe.

I have picked up a few things for the camper that I think are worth sharing. I found electrical outlets at Lowe’s that have USB ports in them—very cool. I also found some very beautiful painted metal outlet covers that I could not resist buying for the camper.


Electricity concerns–because I am converting this camper over to electric, I feel it is a good idea to minimize use of electricity, as it runs on 35 amps total. So, I found some pretty neat battery powered overhead lights for my kitchen area and also for under the bunk bed area.  One set runs on AA batteries, just like a wall clock–the other runs on AAA batteries. Pretty cool product. I am also getting ready to refinish a set of two 1940s kitchen chairs that I acquired for free a few years ago—I found some amazing elephant fabric that I am going to use to re-upholster the chairs once I refinish the woodgrain.

Nearing the completion of this demolition and complicated frame repair, I am feeling pretty accomplished. There was a moment that I doubted whether I could fix this camper. Over the hump now. I am looking forward to the really fun part-creating a warm living space.  I hope this post is helpful.  🙂

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