Buy (2) 20 volt lithium batteries plus charger and case $100 and get 20 volt reciprocating saw for free…

Don’t mind if I do. Thanks, Lowe’s. My ‘title’ as carpenter is getting pretty serious now folks.

The other night I made short work of tearing out the dinette in my camper using a crowbar, a ratchet set, and a Phillips head screwdriver. ….But when I tried to remove the cabinets up on the walls, she just wasn’t having it.

Apparently, they installed the built-ins from inside the wall and installed the exterior aluminum sheeting last. There are absolutely zero exposed screw heads or fasteners to be found within the cabinets that are hanging on the wall.

I guess they’re hanging there by magic. Therefore I had to go out and buy a power tool so that I can cut them out piece by piece. The fun begins!

This little baby will come in handy when I get ready to install a new kitchen counter and who knows what else. 🙂

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