And the ball is rolling…

Being an empty nester can have major perks. I no longer have to preoccupy myself with anyone else’s immediate needs, excepting my own. This frees me to do anything. And, I have chosen to shove this tiny house plan into high gear by doing something dramatic–moving into a camper and onto a campsite. I have had a productive day.

I organized my house and moved some rooms around, now that my little bird has left the nest. I purged my phone and my tablet. I sold my coffee table and posted my living room funiture and kitchen stove on Craig’s list for sale. Boom! Trying to boost my savings immediately for my plan. Then, I wrote up some budgets to reflect a new tiny house plan time table.

Here we go…this is enthralling. I am getting so close now.

Camper purchase $5,000 by end August 2016
Move into RV park by March 2017: monthly rent, roughly $300, much cheaper than renting a house
Save enough money for tiny house trailer/shell $15,000 by September 2017
Save enough money to finish out tiny house interior $5,000 by December 2017
Finish tiny home by February 2018

*Mind you, I have a small collection of tiny house parts already in storage.

Conclusion: buying/moving into a camper is basically going to pay for my tiny house within a 12 month period. Wow. So worth it and after my home is built, I’ll still own a nice little camper for travel or to loan out to family.

*Within my estimate, I did not factor in three substantial income increases that I am getting in my job over the next year and a half. So, it is entirely possible, barring any unforseen event–that I could achieve my goal sooner than 18 months. Woot!

What do you think about that, my fellow empty nesters? 🙂


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