tiny house and me

2016-05-30 15.50.46
This is Z. Do little. Isn’t she cute?


I first heard of the tiny house movement in 2010.  I was watching 60 Minutes–they were featuring Dee Williams’ tiny house stroy.  I got hooked. Already a minimalist, building a tiny home on wheels is a great solution for me, a single empty nester looking toward retirement and wanting to own my own home and live debt-free.

After much research and many sketches with my trusty .9 mechanical pencil and piles of graph paper, I decided that converting a 20 feet shipping container into a home is the most logical and cost-effective approach for me.  I work in logistics and have constant exposure to shipping containers.  They are abundant all over the United States, are extremely durable, and most importantly are cheap.

I have decided to transition to my tiny house life by first acquiring a small camper and moving, sort of off grid into an RV park now.  I hope my process is helpfull to other tiny house enthusiasts.  🙂  Tiny on!

Heidi 🙂

2016-05-30 18.06.28



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